Patents and certifications, since 1980

Experience and competence are the strenghts of PRB, almost 40 years marked by international patents and certifications for the continuous improvement of our Technology.

PRB's history is all about high-ranking engineering creativity interspersed with the results of research into high quality technological innovation. The company has over forty reasons to be proud, consisting of exclusive patents and technological firsts in the management of digital data, communications, documents and processes. Their benefits and advantages have an equally exclusive knock-on effect in the interests of the users' competitiveness.

Here's a quick journey in our History
  • 1980


    Digital document Age

    In 1980, the original staff of engineers connected a Main-frame to the Telex line and produced the text and message management software: OpenChannel® was born. Operators sent and received messages directly from the terminal, saving enormous time. It was the equivalent of today's "Email service".

  • 1990

    Maxfile by PRB

    Digital storage Age

    It is 1990 and an important client asks PRB to archive the messages produced. Maxfile® is born, a system for archiving and managing the life cycle of documents. Designed on refined and proprietary architecture, in 30 years of use and billions of items managed, never a document has been lost.

  • 1993

    E-storage (legally valid)

    PRB customers can keep digital documents according to law (today it is called Electronic Storage)

  • 2000

    Digital processes

    Digital Processes Age

    In 2000 GDD® - Gestione Digitale Documenti was born, it manages documents, communications, workflows by connecting different machines and operating environments.

  • 2009


    Holistic Technology: a set of methods, logics, hardware and software solutions, services that manages digital organizational processes. A single environment to govern the entire organization by simplifying it.

    Our technologies

  • 2011

    TAB Firma Biometrica by PRB

    TAB Firma Biometrica®

    Tablet for electronic signature: the highest security in the graphological analysis and great savings in terms of time and costs (roughly 100.000€ a year for an average-sized bank branch)

    Our technologies

  • 2013



    Concept for the new branch. A new way to conceive the relationship with the customer.
    Presented at ABI conferences in 2013, it redesigns the branch space by putting the person at the center of attention. The Holistic Bank is a return to the fundamentals, to the Bank as a meeting place and support for the economy.


  • 2014


    Holistic Society®

    From the Holistic Bank to the Holistic Society: all the information and management elements connected to each other for a more efficient world. The idea gave rise to the Workshop at the FORUM ABI Lab 2014.

    Workshop Holistic Society

  • 2015

    Hèrmes-Comm logo


    Innovation in Communication between Hardware and Software

    Innovative Technology for driverless communications: several benefits in various fields of applications, from digital ID to industrial applications (devices and peripherals).


  • 2016

    Speed in the creation of processes

    An "impossible" idea has been realized: to analyze and make all "tailor-made" organizational processes available to the customer in a very short time.

  • 2019

    Era della semplificazione

    Simplification Age

    Complex tasks made simple

    Companies struggle to smoothly operate because of growing needs, regulations and the constant need to keep up with the market; this slows the business down and sometimes puts it to a halt. PRB can analyse and solve these issues with its know-how, digital systems and services. High levels of efficiency and operations are restored this way.

  • 2020

    Fast Office

    Fast Office®

    Easy, quick and precise management of digital processes

    With Fast Office® the inexperienced user (and the customer) can autonomously manage complex digital processes, without training or the need for special tools. Internal staff doesn't need to dedicate time to support users. The result: quicker and more precise service for customers, together with a reduction in activities and operational costs.

    Fast Office®

  • 2021

    Holistic Industrial Information System


    Holistic Industrial Information System

    HI2S normalizes, correlates, inserts and manages in digital organizational processes information from line, staff, production lines and outside world. A single interface that integrates and enhances the applications in use and offers all the features necessary for Total Quality management.


PRB has a long history of excellence-driven engineering creativity, timed by the results achieved by its Quality technological innovation "Research team". Over 150 Patents and Technological Firsts, applied to digital and business process management.

Ideas and products, designed on specific grounds: understanting people's needs, simplifying, increasing speed, making each element Holistically connected in order to generate more and more benefits and competitiveness for our clients.

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PRB's patents


PRB is certified excellence. Certificates of excellence and recertification certificates from leading technological partners: here are the certifications that, over the years, we achieved after internationally recognized exams. They guarantee a synergistic upgrade in our managerial and technological research.


  • Certified Solution Provider
  • Certificate of Excellence as Developer
  • Certified Partner
  • Partner Network
  • Networking I. Solutions
  • Data Management Solutions


  • Certified Specialist


  • Business Partner


  • Gold Partner


  • Reseller

Other organizations we have partnered with as tech partners

  • ABI Lab Partner
  • AGP - Associazione Grafologi Professionisti - TAB Certification
  • AICA - Associazione Italiana Calcolo Automatico
  • AICQ - Associazione Italiana Cultura Qualità
  • Assolombarda
  • Assoservizi
  • Ce.S.Graf. - Centro Studi Grafologici
  • Comufficio
  • Consorzio Total Quality Assolombarda
  • EFQM - European Foundation for Quality Management
  • Effeerre Qualità
  • Fujitsu - Qualified Partner
  • Hyndra - Experience Your Business
  • Praim - Certificazione Hèrmes-CommTM
  • 3COM Partner Program

Pioneers of Innovations

For over 30 years, PRB has produced ideas and innovations aimed at improving the working conditions of people. According to the history of technology, many of these ideas are now implemented by other important companies: this qualifies us as “Pioneers of Innovations” and makes us proud.

Pioneers of Innovations