PRB organized the first afternoon of the conference in conjunction with ABI events and presented the results obtained “on the field” with DataPicker DDD technology to the world of banking and finance

This special event was held by the ABI (Italian Bankers' Association) in the beautiful setting of Palazzo Altieri in Rome.

During a particular moment for the Italian economy, when it was necessary to achieve considerable cost reductions.

Prominent companies took part and an entire session was exceptionally devoted to one company: PRB.

It was a special edition also because it officially presented the results of the DDD DataPicker® project to the banking world: an original, innovative project of great importance for the increase in efficiency obtained.


Platform for generating, sharing, managing and veryfing information within a company in an easy and quick way

DataPicker® is aimed at complex organizations willing to improve; DataPicker means digital company management via digital processes, with dossies that follow their operational phases just like paper-based projects.

DataPicker® summary .PDF


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Success factors for developing a Web 2.0 enterprise

Enrico Valdani / Director of the Marketing Department and Head of the Customer&Service Science Department , Banca Mediolanum - Lecturer, Università Bocconi

Focus on quality in the simplification of processes and in cost optimization: the i-Faber experience

Anna Maria Ricco / Managing Director, i-Faber Gruppo UniCredit

The lean perspective applied to banks: from documents to practice, processes and governance: the principles of 'lean organization' applied by DDD to banking processes

Luciano Pero / Lecturer, MIP Politecnico di Milano

Bringing out hidden costs and generating profit

Antonio Carbonera / Partner and Chief Technology Officer, PRB

Discussion on continual improvement in "lean production" and the immaterial banking universe

Luigi Campagna / Lecturer, MIP Politecnico di Milano

Technological innovation project at the Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Inzago: the reasons for an important choice

Ettore Fareri / General Manager, BCC Inzago

Operational mechanisms and effects on efficiency: reflections on the lending process

Massimo Monteleone / Lending Area Manager, BCC Inzago

From the elimination of paper to managing organizational processes: results obtained

Paolo Giovannini / Deputy General Manager, Banca di Pistoia

Working times and costs. Start-up time and modification of 'continuous improvement'

Alessio Fedi / Organization Manager, Banca di Pistoia

Session closing remarks - Definition of a success fee contract

Gianni Spigolatore / Partner and Customer Development Manager, PRB

Closing Thoughts