The power of PRB DataPicker® just a click away, directly on the "ORACLE Cloud"

During the Oracle Cloud Day, Oracle and PRB rolled out a new project: the use of a "tailor-made" Business Process Management System on Cloud. Custom made digital processes, targeted at the company's habits and preferences; complete with instructions, regulations, communications, documents and with the powerful ORACLE components.

At the PRB desk, participants could gather information about the details of the collaboration with Oracle.

The event took place on November 14, 2016 at the MiCo, the Congress Centre in Milan.

Oracle and PRB introduce Holistic Transformation

In short, these are the key features of the partnership between PRB and Oracle:

  • Activation of one process in just one week
  • ORACLE Cloud service with a monthly fee
  • Organizational analysis is included in the services
  • Process are designed exactly in their AS-IS state
  • Analytics, BigData and custmoized Oracle Reports

The DataPicker Technology solves the issue of organizing business processes.

Fabrizio Cappelli / Consulting Solutions Sales Representative, Oracle Italia

I am really glad PRB entered the Oracle Partner Network and participated to the Oracle Cloud Day.

Stefano Cassola / Corporate Communications Director Southern Europe, Oracle Italia

DataPicker Technology is now available on the Cloud, with benefits in terms of speed, flexibility and moderate costs.

Antonio Carbonera / Executive VP - R&D e Quality, PRB

Developing with Oracle was thrilling and full of innovative ideas.

Roberto Garavaglia / Head of Software Development, PRB

The methods developed in over 30 years allow us to launch client business processes in hours.

Marco Vismara / Head of Organization, PRB