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Our mantra: collaboration among people and technologies

A truly integrated Technologies that connects "silos" created in years of activity and procudes bettere results. With this thinking, PRB opened a new Age: "Smart Process Applications". Forrester (www.forrester.com) defines them as software designed to support high-intensity, highly-variable and structured business processes in the generation of frequent changes.

What Holism means
Jan Smuts (Bovenplaats, 24/05/1870 – Pretoria, 11/09/1950) was a philosopher, soldier and politician, twice South African Prime Minister.

Dutch National Archives, The Hague, Fotocollectie Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau (ANEFO), 1945-1989

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Jan Smuts (politician, philosopher and intellectual, author of Holism and Evolution) defined holism as the "tendency in nature to form wholes that are greater than the sum of the parts through creative evolution".

Holistic system

By definition, any system in which all the elements are linked together in perfect harmony and the result produced is greater than the sum of the performance of the individual factors may be called "holistic", like the biological organism. The delivered results are greater than the sume of each part.

A Holistic process management system harmoniously connects departments, organizational functions, users, powers, stages, practices, documents, messages, rules, tasks, times and costs and produces a relevant competitive benefit.

Holistic Bank

Over the course of history, the market was held in the Market Square, which still exists in many cities. Several tapestries and drawings depict bankers doing their job of financing businesses and exchange activities.

PRB designed and presented this new "concept" of branch in 2013 at ABI conferences. The starting point is holistic thinking, the engine of competitiveness for banks and all involved parties, in order to build an environment of active belonging with users and achieving a higher result. The Holistic Bank redesigns the physical structure of the branch, in favour of an open, seamless environment, in which all elements are layed out so that communication between people and employees is enhanced, avoiding any form of separation. The Holistic Bank provides innovative technologies to members, facilitating jobs at every level and providing a fast and spot-on service to the customer.

Holistic Bank, back to basics: concreteness, security, results, courtesy, collaboration, efficiency, well-being.

Benefits of the Holistic Bank

Holistic Bank produces great benefits in all levels of a bank's operations, from management to employees and technicians.



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Spread of Holistic thinking

Holistic thinking in banks is well accepted by now. A web-based analysis shows the level of PRB's presence in the search results conducted on Google Italy. The analysis focused on these queries: abi olismo, olismo banca, banca olistica (ie: abi holism (Italian Banking Association), holism bank, holistic bank). Here's the portion of results in which PRB is mentioned, on the prb.it domain or elsewhwere (news websites, banks, and so on).

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Spread index: The spread index was introduced in order to understand the extent of the idea: a scale from 0 to 10 that measures the number of pages where Holism in banks is mentioned; pages that don't belong to domains managed by PRB (eg: this website). The bigger the number, the larger the spread of the idea outside of PRB's environment..

Holistic Bank Environment

PRB's dream of a welcoming, open bank without divisions has come true. UniCredit, Banca Intesa Sanpaolo, Cariparma and several others have applied the concept to their new branches. The setting is a concrete element that shows how relations with customers have evolved towards the holistic idea.

Holistic branch by UniCredit
Holistic branch by Intesa
Holistic branch by IngDirect
Holistic branch by Extrabanca
la Repubblica article preview

The Holistic Bank stops competitors

he Italian newspaper la Repubblica, on March 16 2015, published an article which cites the “holistic” format as a model that allows banks to curb the competition from innovative players (Paypal, Amazon, and all the others who are arriving on the market). Holistic Bank as a template in order to offer a better service to customers and improve results.

la Repubblica article


Following two Workshops about Holism, PRB published two volumes that gather all talks at those events, case studies of how Holistic thinking produces results and well-being.

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