A financial institution with a quirk: the high amount of shareholders, the owners of the bank.

Banca d'Alba was born in October 1998 from the merger of three credit institutions founded at the end of XIX Century: Diano d'Alba (1895), Gallo di Grinzane Cavour (1900) and Vezza d'Alba (1899). It is a cooperative credit institution, that is a people and relations oriented bank.

Banca d'Alba has a relevant number of associates: 49.000 out of roughly 130.000 clients; 14.000 are actively involved in the bank's activity, and they attend the Associates' conference in May. In fact, associates own the bank, and they have higher expectations than a regular client.

Banca d'Alba wanted to maintain a high level of interaction with clients (and associates) despite the economic crisis and a general lack of involvement in clients. For this reason, it started its Digital Trasformation.

Main goal: having more time to manage our clients, to meet and possibly anticipate their needs.

Viviana Bacigalupo / Deouty General Manager, Banca d'Alba

Digital Transformation project

The "Digital Transformation" of Banca d'Alba took place between 2008 and 2010, in the following areas:

  • Digitization of paper archive
  • Digitization of operational documents
  • Digital communications management (Fax, SMS)
  • Digital management of credits' folders
  • Digitized sharing of internal letters and regulations
  • Digital contracts
  • Digital Front-Office
The creation of the digital Front-Office procedure is unprecedented, in Italy and abroad.

Felice Cerruti
President (Photo gazzettadalba.it)


Arturo Arpellino
General Manager (Photo lastampa.it)


Viviana Bacigalupo
Deputy General Manager


Riccardo Corino
General Manager


Massimo Oberto
Sales Manager


Renato Voghera
Branch manager


Gabriele Delpiano
Deputy branch manager


Paolo Quassolo
Organization Manager


Marco Cielo
Organization dept. - Black Belt Six-Sigma


Paola Mosca
Credit division


Daniela Bongiovanni
Financial division


Sara Ferio
Foreign office


In 2015, seven years after the beginning of the project, Massimo Oberto (Sales Manager of Banca d'Alba) talked about the quantitative data of the project in its speech at the 2015 ABI Dimensione Cliente conference in April.

Positive results have been achieved in terms of paper and time savings. This led the bank to concentrate on its main mission: relations with clients. One hundred and thirty thousand clients, among which Fourty-Six thousands associates: the owners of the bank.

KPI in detail
The relevant amount of savings in operational time gave the bank time to concentrate on the main mission: relations with clients.

Results in Banca d'Alba are well beyond numbers. The partnership with PRB brought several other benefits.

benefici banca

Benefits for the Bank

Following its digital transformation, Banca d'Alba saw a big increase in efficiency:

  • Savings in operational times
  • Huge reduction of costs of physical archives
  • Real-time access to all documents
  • Control over processes
  • No more lost documents
  • Easier planning
  • Efficiency analysis and statistics
benefici staff

Benefits for the Staff

The staff of Banca d'Alba is involved in the benefits:

  • Job quality has increased
  • Easier access and sharing of documents
  • More qualifying job
  • Information is always available
  • Redesign of work spaces
benefici soci

Benefits for the Customer

The main mission of Banca d'Alba is its relation with clients; a third of all clients is an associate, and associates have higher expectations than regular clients. The project carried out by PRB allowed the Bank to free more time for clients, with more focus on their problems and needs.

Moreover, the Bank could holistically redesign its branches. If a client goes inside the bank today, he/she will find spacious and cozy spaces and see all of the staff. Cupboards and separations (that prevent the exchange of information) are gone; the client has a pleasant experience.

Long lasting results

From 2007 to 2015 Banca d'Alba increased its branches from 47 to 70; a 49% increase. The staff increased by 74 people (from 383 to 457), an increase of just 19%. Without the digital project, the Bank would have increased its staff by over 180 people.

To summarize, the digital organizational project based on the digital PRB Technology produced the following effects: revenue acconts and bank balances improved, productivity increased, the staff works better and clients are more satisfied. All related to better organization.

Organization is the premise to achieve good results.