Just a few days to complete the integration with new management procedures

Banca di San Marino was founded in 1920 with the name Cassa Rurale Depositi e Prestiti di Faetano. Today it is the parent company of a banking and finance group which includes various companies in Italy and beyond. Banca di San Marino SpA has undergone an evolutionary process over the years and today it operates on the same level as other European banks as regards its soundness and its ample compliance with capital standards and security requirements.

Its strong local roots and consolidated experience in the lending field mean the bank also plays an important role in the growth of the local economy by investing its profits in projects for the development of the local area.

The partnership between PRB and Banca di San Marino dates back to 2006, when the Bank decided to test the true value of the GDD Technology, and it's still ongoing as of 2019 with the DataPicker Technology.


Federico Zanotti
IT Manager - He started the partnership with PRB.

"I would suggest PRB to other banks because I'm sure I'd make a good impression."

Danilo Malavolta
Branch credit services, trusts and analysis

"DataPicker helps in achieving a consistent workflow"

Monia Pasolini
Headquarters - Suppliers office

"DataPicker is easy to use and gives a method to all of us."

Davide Francioni
Branch Manager

"DataPicker is intuitive and very easy to use."

Banca di San Marino and Gesbank Evolution

In 2011, 5 years after the first introduction of the GDD Technology, Banca di San Marino racically changed their business process management system. This meant a completely new BPMS (Gesbank Evolution), new procedures, new data and a redesign of operations. The job included the 15 million documents managed by GDD at the time.

GDD integrated with Gesbank Evolution

In 2011 Banca di San Marino start the integration project between Gesbank Evolution and PRB's GDD (realigning, integration of digital archive of documents and files), and took the opportunity to expand its digital management to new business process, also with GDD. This integration aimed at:

  • Increasing information security
  • Automating repetitive tasks
  • Saving time
  • Saving paper, equipment and materials
  • Increasing risk management and control
  • Verifying company compliance

Main areas of interest:

  • Realignment of documents and files from trusts, mortgages, guarantees and signature specimens
  • Redesign of internal and external communications
  • Automation of first level auditing
  • Integration with Gesbank Evolution management software
Benefits of GDD

The main benefit of what PRB did in Banca di San Marino was the speed of the integration and operational improvements. Contrary to current technologies, the GDD Technology completed this very important integration process in just a few days.

Poche giornate
From GDD to DataPicker

In 2018, Banca di San marino decides to adopt the DataPicker Technology, evolving from digital documents do business process management. Three new business processes are now managed with DataPicker:

  • Loans
  • Relations between General Secretary and the Board
  • Managements of accounts payable
Da GDD a DataPicker

The partnership between Banca di San Marino and PRB has been lasting for over 10 years, with mutual satisfaction and joy in dreaming better efficiency and benefits.