A financial institution shattered by the earthquake

Founded in 1844 and open to the public since 1859, the Cassa di Risparmio di Cento stands as a very important financial institution, especially in the original area, where it has large market shares. Its territorial presence is guaranteed by a big network of branches spread in the provinces of Ferrara, Bologna and Modena.

The bank had to redesign its day-to-day operation following an earthquake in May 2012: it accepted the offer of digitizing organizatinal projects made by PRB, with a Success fee formula. Verified results in terms of increased efficiency, control and operational cost reduction proved how performance can really be increased by improving efficiency: financial statements regarding 2012, 2013 and 2014 confirm this trend.

This was the first important project carried out by CR Cento in partnership with a company other than Cedacri (CR Cento being among the founders of Cedacri)

Implementing a system for standardized operations provided us with more flexibility and a better people allocation.

Stefano Aldrovandi / Deputy General Manager, Cassa di Risparmio di Cento

Ecological CRC and Lean CRC

Ecological CRC
Gigitization of documents, both for headquarters and branches. Loan and mortgages files, caveau Guarantees, signature Specimen and Letters are now quickly available for users according to their role, protected against unauthorized accesses with strong encryption.

Lean CRC
digitization of almost 100 organizational processes for headquarters and branches, core processes included. Loan process, connected to the FEU management system by Cedacri, has later been improved using operational and information flows with the ONTONIX Technology.

Further developments
After completing the first two primary phases of the project, important continuous improvement actions were carried out on digital processes, aimed at increasing the overall efficiency and quality of the work.
Among the most significant actions:

  • Automation of credit disposal operations (2013)
  • Digital management of "legal date" (2013)
  • Automatic reporting of branch operations (2014)
  • End-to-end management of the passive cycle, integrated with SAP and with specific budget data for Cost Center (2014)
  • Management of internal banks's projects, with periodic automatic reporting of progress, expenses and resources used (2017)
  • Review of the Operations Core Processes to support the Hub&Spoke model of the branches (2017)
  • Start-up of the new Middle Office organizational structure in paperless mode (2017)

Middle Office start-up
Cassa di Risparmio di Cento created the new Middle Office structure to centralize part of the Back Office operations of the branches. The goal was to free up time so that the branches could spend more time on commercial initiatives.
The project's requirement was that the structure should operate entirely in paperless mode, digitally receiving the folders to be processed by the branches (including the necessary documents) and returning them digitally for further processing.
The project involved the revision of over 20 processes and the necessary application development, completed only after 2 months from the beginning.


Ivan Damiano
General Manager

He decided to start the collaboration with PRB on this important organizational area.

Stefano Aldrovandi
Deputy General Manager

He started the relationships with PRB and approved each and every step of the project.

Stefano Savini
Manager of Organization
HR Director

Among the most important supporters, he endorsed every step of the project with the staff.

Danilo Manfredini
Securities and Miscellaneous Services Manager

Appointed in charge of the project, he endorsed it from the beginning.

Lucia Landi
Staff Manager

She gave a speech about Ecological CRC and Lean CRC during ABI Costi e Business 2012.

Luca Turci
Deputy General Manager

He endorsed the project both with managers and with Sales department.

Antonella Scurani
Deputy General Manager

She participated in the activation stage of the PRB Technology with processes related to Credits.

Carlo Malaguti
Sales Manager

He endorsed the project in the branches, pushing towards the change.

Romina Cantoia
Casumaro Branch Manager

She helped in analyzing organizational processes.

Silvia Antonioli
Counter clerk

Counter clerk satiefied with PRB Technology.

Elisa Alberghini
Counter clerk

Counter clerk satiefied with PRB Technology.

This is the first time for us, in which such an important project has been carried out with a provider other than Cedacri (since the bank is fully outsourced with Cedacri)

Stefano Aldrovandi / Deputy General Manager, Cassa di Risparmio di Cento - 5 March 2015

Results after a few months

Lucia Landi (Cassa di Risparmio di Cento) illustrated the first results at the ABI Costi & Business 2012 conference: just a few months after the start of the project, results are already relevant.


Figures were measured on site, carefully and with the Bank employees, using all features already available in DataPicker.

A year after the start of the project, results were disucssed during ABI Costi & Business 2013 in Rome by Marco Vismara (Partner and Head of Organization and Technical Support, PRB).

Operational time with DataPicker ditigal processes
Valorizzazioni dopo l'adozione della Tecnologia PRB

Results achieved by Cassa di Risparmio di Cento go well beyond mere numbers. The partnership with PRB brought a wide range of benedift, among which:

  • Significant space recoup thanks to the digitization of papar documents
  • No more failures in rotating cupboards, because they're not there anymore
  • Branches redesigned with wider and more comfortable spaces
  • Branches redesigned with user-centric approach
  • Financial statements showing growth despite a difficult context for banks
We regained spaces for roughly 300 m2 that now serve as open spaces and very functional offices for our staff

Danilo Manfredini / Securities and Miscellaneous Services Manager, Cassa di Risparmio di Cento