GDD for messages and documents integrated with bpm

The Mediobanca Group company Compass has been a leader in the consumer credit market since 1960. It has always been attentive to the needs of families by offering secure, reliable products, which today also include payment and insurance services.

The seriousness of its business model, combined with its ability to listen to and anticipate needs form the foundations on which it builds the serenity of its customers and partners, as well as its market reputation.

In 2011, Compass became a "payment institution" in order to issue and manage credit cards. Since 2013, Compass has also been an "electronic money institution".

Since 1960, Compass has offered greater peace of mind to people by providing new products for their financial needs. These are the values on which the company is based:

  • Expertise and seriousness in fulfilling the social function of lending money
  • Compliance with economic and ethical values in order to work in a sustainable manner
  • Care and respect for customers and partners
  • Transparency and fairness in dealings with the market in a long-term perspective

Linea, which then became Compass, needed:

  • Greater speed in receiving and sending faxes/communications regarding loan applications and confirmations

LINEA (which later became COMPASS) decided to adopt GDD technology and integrate it with an OCS management system. The configuration includes two redundant Open Channel Units (each with 1 primary flow) and allows users to:

  • Receive communications directly on their terminals
  • Send communications directly from their terminals

Part of the loan application data entry therefore takes place automatically and part is outsourced to a European partner, which reads the communications and completes the information in the management software using the WebGDD application.

A Maxfile unit rounds off the system architecture. This unit allows you to keep all the processed documents permanently.

  • Receive faxes from customers directly on the workstation, with the possibility of notifying colleagues
  • Send replies generated by the management software to customers
  • Ease of finding documents

In short: greater speed, lower working costs and faster, more accurate work.