Fax and documents management with GDD Technology

Fax are received directly at the user's desk

The Diners Club card was the first credit card issued in the world and in Italy. Since 1958, Diners Club Italia has offered its members the freedom to buy securely with no spending limits.

Diners Club is a constantly changing network, which is today found in 185 countries around the world, selected as a partner by 19 million sales outlets and chosen by 8 million members for their purchases.

In recent years, their international presence has become more widespread thanks to the takeover of Diners Club International in 2008 by Discover Financial Services, a leading American company in the industry with 60 million credit cards. Diners Club Italia has always been attentive to relations and oriented towards product and service excellence. It aims at private customers, companies and business partners.


Diners Club needed more efficient and quicker fax transmissions.


After its takeover by the CITIBANK-CITIFIN group, Diners Club decided to adopt GDD technology to manage fax transmissions. Solution:

  • Software for client PCs
  • Leveraging of the open channel units already in use in CITIFIN

Sending Faxes from MS Office macro (2005)


Thanks to sending and receiving faxes directly from the user's workstation, Diners Club achieved paper and time savings.