Fax and email communications management

With PRB: loan requests use less paper and require less time

Fides S.p.A. is a financial broker founded in 1947, provider of loans to employees of the public and the private sector. Loans are repaid with the cessione del quinto, a form of loan repayment unique to Italy.

Acquired by Gruppo Banco Desio in 2007, the company got a new look and started new development projects; it's now called Banco di Desio e della Brianza S.p.A. and it keeps 100% of its shares.

Fides provides its services with proprietary IT tools and also with advanced IT systems to fulfill clients' needs quickly.


Fides needed to manage loan request via fax/email more efficiently.


FIDES (Gruppo BANCO DESIO) decides to implement the GDD Technology integrated with OCS bpm, in order to manage fax and emails of loan requests (with the cessione del quinto) from dealers. GDD was integrated to the OCS management system so that users now can:

  • Directly receive loan requests in the OCS management system, without manually loading pages

Paper and time savings in the management of loan requests.