Digital management of Consumer Credit

The Santander Consumer Bank was founded on the experience of a large banking group. Santander is one of the largest international banks and has 21 branches and more than 10,000 licensed shops in Italy. Thanks to its sound presence on the consumer credit market, the Santander Consumer Bank ranks among the leading Italian companies in the field. Its high degree of specialization allows it to offer completely transparent tailor-made credit products.


Finconsumo needed to:

  • Replace paper-dependent fax machines
  • Reduce paper use
  • Make working stages more efficient

Upon advice from their management software supplier OCS, FINCONSUMO (which later became Santander Bank) decided to adopt GDD technology to receive and send fax communications concerning loan applications and the granting of loans. GDD technology for AS400 with an open channel unit (with 30 lines) and a Maxfile storage unit were integrated into the OCS management software to allow users to:

  • Receive faxes in digital format
  • Send communications directly from their terminals

Before this implementation, the loan application processing room was "crammed" with paper-dependent fax machines.


Receiving and sending faxes directly from the user's workstation means significant savings of time and materials.