Better customer management in the store

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Tre Italia is a mobile telephony provider, part of Wind Tre S.p.a. since 2016. Previously, the company was held by H3G S.p.a.

In 2010, H3G contacts PRB in order to simplify in store operations and make them faster, especially the management of contracts and documents.


Closing a contract in the store requires documents and modules about the customer. Many documents must be processed with Privacy regulations in mind, and three copies of each document are often printed (for the store, the headquarters and the loan company).

Managing and finding documents therefore becomes a cumbersome and time consuming task. Moreover, 20% of documents are lost and waiting customers often leave the store.


PRB's Technology produces digital documents that are easy to find, reducing required times to send copies to the headquartes and the loan company. Moreover, less time consuming procedures decrease the likelihood of customers leaving the store.

  • Digital modules, identical to paper ones, with controlled filling of information
  • Alerts in case of mistakes
  • Auto-fill for the copy sent to the loan company
  • List of documents needed for any kind of contract
  • Digitization of documents and ability to repeat the scan if necessary
  • Digital e-signature of the client where needed (with legal value)
  • Copies for the headquarters and the loan company are automatically sent