GDP: Digital messages and Consumer Credit

Banque PSA Finance is the reference partner of the automotive brands Peugeot, Citroen and DS:

  • It supports the sales of the brands and accompanies their development on the market
  • It meets all the financing requirements of Peugeot, Citroen and DS
  • It offers customers - individuals and businesses - who purchase the group's brands, a complete range of loans, insurance and service products

PSA Finance needed to:

  • Speed up and simplify the sending and receiving of faxes regarding loan applications and their granting
  • Reduce the use of paper
  • Improve the efficiency of working stages
  • Ensure the confidentiality of the documents that it receives every day
  • Install a product with highly professional features (including reliability)

PSA FINANCE (later called BANQUE DU PSA) decided to adopt GDD technology to receive and send fax communications concerning loan applications and their granting. An AS400 system with one Open Channel Unit in Milan and one in Rome was integrated into the management system and allows users to:

  • Receive faxes in digital format
  • Send faxes directly from their terminals


Upon advice from PRB, it became the first company to adopt GDP technology (Gestione Digitale Pratiche - Digital Dossier Management). Inbound faxes are automatically routed thanks to the OCR reading of a cover page precompiled by the sending dealer.

  • Saving of paper and working time thanks to the digitization of fax communications
  • Zeroing of the time it takes to sort loan applications and send them to the correct work group

In short: greater speed, lower operating costs and faster, more accurate work.

There is the business aspect of course, but the human factor is in the foreground. This is what has always struck me and what I believe makes PRB stand out along with all the people who work for the company

Alex Carnaghi / IT Manager, Banque du PSA