Volkswagen Financial Services is the financial and insurance services system devoted to Volkswagen customers.

The history of Volkswagen Financial Services in Italy began in 1991 as Fingerma SpA, the Volkswagen Group's captive consumer credit company.

For over 19 years, the company has offered a wide range of flexible, customized products designed to meet the various financing and mobility needs of drivers. This consolidated experience has helped Volkswagen Financial Services gain a leading role in this area.


FINGERMA needed to:

  • Speed up and simplify the sending and receiving of faxes regarding loan applications and their granting
  • Reduce the use of paper
  • Improve the efficiency of working stages

FINGERMA (later called VOLKSWAGEN BANK) decided to adopt PRB technology (first Open Channel, then GDD) integrated with OCS management software to receive and send faxes concerning loan applications and their granting. An AS400 system with 4 Open Channel rack units (each with 30 fax lines and other analog lines, amounting to a total of over 130 lines) was integrated into the OCS management software to allow users to:

  • Receive faxes in digital format
  • Send faxes directly from their terminals

We enabled the MS Exchange gateway to allow faxes to be sent and received using MS Outlook, including by users not concerned with the loan applications.

Univocal file code

The code allows the automatic sorting of documents into their respective loan folders. Volkswagen Bank could handle 30.000 pages a day with a staff of 15.

Univocal file code (2004)

4 Open Channel units: 120 fax lines

open channel 120 lines
  • Automated system operation auditing
  • Character recognition allows for automated correction of pages with mistakes
  • Tens of thousands of faxes transmitted every day
  • Loan applications received and granting confirmation sent to customers in just a few minutes
  • Automatic sorting of contracts in their dossiers (circa 30.000 pages per day)
In the past, we thought of PRB as a supplier, but nowadays we know each other and they know our needs. Since they have kind of entered into the world of the Volkswagen Bank and its aims, we now consider them a partner

Giancarlo Luraschi / Chief Information Officer, Volkswagen Bank
July 2006