Safe Total Quality Management

DataPicker® is ISO Total Quality, assurance of Total Quality

Integrated Quality
PRB DataPicker Total Quality

DataPicker® comprises principles and methods required by ISO within the application used by the staff to carry on their regular work. It is not a weighing down superstructure but rather a series of hidden and automatic features that assure a quick and innate management of Total Quality.

Quality in DataPicker® is therefore not an added "silos" or a top-down superstructure, the standard way when introducing Procedures and Quality Management Systems. With DataPicker users carry on their day to day tasks in an easier and not weighed down way; without even realizing it they fully meet ISO requirements.

Quality in DataPicker is implicit, a consequence of regular activities performed by users. These activities are also made easier with the help of the tools the application has for regular tasks: digital files, documents, processes, communications, modules, instructions, regulation and every other useful element.

From ISO to the application
PRB DataPicker Total Quality

In 2014, DataPicker set an absolute record: the analysis of the Quality System Procedures of ASSITECA Spa, the leading Italian Insurance Broker. Without user interviews, it designed the entire set of the company's Digital Processes. 120 business processes that cover all directional and operational sectors, with instructions, modules, maps, analytics and of course all the usual features of a management system (documents, messages, collaboration among users, alerts). Therefore, all processes are Quality ISO Compliant.

What is Total Quality Management?