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Innovative technologies for superior competitiveness and benefits

Technologies to efficiently solve important organizational issues within a company in its most crucial aspects. Software and hardware - and everything needed to guarantee precise results - are designed and produced by PRB. They can evolve over time, and they are deeply tested and reliable.

Technologies that generate organizational benefits

HI2S Holistic Industrial Information System®

Normalize, correlate, insert and manage in business processes the information of production lines, the office and the outside world

HI2S enhances and enriches the applications in use and adds all the necessary features to manage, in an integrated way, the information of the "value chain". The data of the plant (production processes), the office (line and staff processes), customers and suppliers. Quick to implement and improve, it guarantees adaptation to new needs.

Directly connect office systems to factory systems, it reduces time and eliminates errors. Informing in real time and automatically the competent organizational functions with communications, reports and messages, makes the work more coordinated, uniform, with less verbal exchanges, delays or misunderstandings.

Holistic Industrial Information System

Fast Office®

Easy, quick and precise management of digital processes

With Fast Office® the inexperienced user (and the customer) can autonomously manage complex digital processes, without training or the need for special tools. Internal staff doesn't need to dedicate time to support users. The result: quicker and more precise service for customers, together with a reduction in activities and operational costs.

Safe Total Quality Management

DataPicker® is ISO Total Quality, assurance of Total Quality

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A project that designs the Continuous Adaptation® to achieve and keep the best competitiveness.

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GDP is a platform for quicker workflow; a digital workspace in which you can find operational phases in cabinets, bins and virtual folders. Users' tasks are therefore optimized and under control, in a shared environment that minimizes mistakes. Drag&drop allows digital, paper, fax and email documents to be put into digital dossiers that can follow their workflow (also with drag&drop). GDP keeps track of them and can show the who, what and when of any task and project; outcome document is automatically generated.

tab firma biometrica

Presented at the FORUM ABILab in March 2011

Black e-ink

Replaceable, customizable surface

Paper-like feel

Operations on

1.024 pressure levels

Face and voice recognition

Sampling of 400 points per second

Graphologically approved

Signatures on digital documents storing the graphical signature on top of user-specific information. It acquires in real-time graphometric data: signature image, speed, pressure and precise timing of each point.

Tab Firma Biometrica® signature pad, unveiled at the FORUM ABILab 2011, is entirely designed and produced by PRB (hardware, software, graphological tool), and it has all the necessary features for a compliant graphological analysis.

The pad works without installing drivers, even on Thin-Clients, thanks to the Hèrmes-CommTM patented communication method.

The software accepts a signature on single documents and can be integrated in existing bpm systems, like those installed in Front-offices of banks and post offices. The signature is protected in all phases with encryption systems that guarantee the state of a digitally signed document and are legally compliant with the requirements of the FEA (Firma Elettronica Avanzata), advanced electronic signature.

Should the need of a graphological verification arise, PRB designed a graphological tool. Legal graphologists can use several tools: tracks analysis, timing, 3D visualization of the signature (patented application). All helps in producing a highly reliable evaluation.

In order to increase a person's recognition, the pad comes with embedded camera and microphone for face and voice recognition that can be software activated

Both the pad and the software are approved by leading Graphological schools and associations in Italy (recognized by the Italian Ministry of the Interior). PRB has been collaborating with these associations for years.

SI Safe Identity and TAB Firma Biometrica (5MB)

GDTel is a software and hardware addition that records voice clips from a regular telephone device (it doesn't require the use of special sets and also works over IP telephones). It replaces complex and costly massive acquisition devices that make it very difficult to search for voice recordings. The digital recorder is activated with a click and it then creates a compressed file that is seen like any other digital document: it is put into the digital folder of the project and can be listened again, attached to emails and shared with other people. It can also be used to send voice alerts via telephone (eg: details about a service or validity of a contract).


Scalable and customizable platform for managing documents (media, digital files); it can generate, acquire, index, group, open, edit, send and receive documents. Documents are put into the corporate network, with guarantee of safety, operations and competence: documents can also be encrypted to make their integrity certain and they can legally replace paper copies.

Several options make it modular for the optimal management of documents, even in larger companies.

Legally compliant archiving according to the Codice dell'Amministrazione digitale, DLGS 7-3-2005 n. 82 e la delibera CNIPA n. 11/2004 and the modified versions that followed. It can generate a document's impresson at selected time intervals, adding digital signature and timestamp. The impression keeps a link with included documents; these can be found from their impression or from their data.

Specific features can avoid doubled or missing documents by identifying if documents already have their impression. The software is always up to date to keep it compliant with new regulations, on top of our consultants who are available to provide help in drafting the Manuale della Conservazione and in the optimization of the archive. The service includes periodical verification of documents integrity and regulations fulfillment; the positive outcome of fiscal controls is therefore guaranteed.


Superior smart storage firmware that, together with hardware, has on field record of total reliability. Proprietary Technologies encrypt data, store documents and make them quickly and safely accessible, with an eye on privacy (They also provide legal-grade storage). Ready for the future: it can manage new storage units and file formats.

Redundancy and military-grade specs increase Open Channel reliability, which also increases thanks to years of operations and experience. It is the perfect solution in Business Continuity environments. Both hardware and software (virtual environments) versions are available.

Hardware and software system to digitally manage any kind of communication. It comes with the Open Channel controller with line interfaces (email, sms, fax, special protocols). Targeted at companies whose goal is the safe management of massive amounts of communications. By using robotization, inbox communications are automatically directed to the user or to the relevant file.

Redundancy and military-grade specs increase Open Channel reliability, which also increases thanks to years of operations and experience. It is the perfect solution in Business Continuity environments.

open channel


PEC (Certified email)



Posta Online

Special protocols