The Company is an Organism

A Company has all the features of an "organism": in order to survive, it must evolve and continuously adapt to the constantly changing conditions of the outside world. In Nature, Evolution takes place without disruptions, step by step; this Law applies also in Economics and is the foundation of survival. Organizational techniques and digital Systems must take this into consideration: "continuously adapting" instead of "changing".

The Continuous Adaptation® Technology was born out of this principle, that accompanies the Company in its evolution.

Continuous Adaptation® PDF (It)

adattamento continuo

Process-based approach

DataPicker® follows the ISO Regulations about Quality Systems and Compliance and implements digital processes in companies. It is a technology that includes organizational Know-how, software application, hardware, start-up services and continuous improvement.

“Quality Systems”, conceived by a group of USA specialists, were adopted by Japanese companies that later gained better competitiveness and new markets. The systems then quickly spread all over the World.

TQM | Total Quality Management Lecture | Animation Video

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total quality management
TQM | Total Quality Management Lecture | Animation Video

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Core concepts are simple but important: "Write what you do and, while working, do what you wrote". In other words: "have formal business processes, and follow them; improve them with experience". And also: "You can't improve what you can't measure".

    Their application allows for:
  • Documented tasks
  • Solid results
  • "Gauges" that reflect achieved performance.

In Italy, Quality Systems are usually applied in a formal way that increases internal bureaucracy: complex procedures, far from what the company needs, that slow down the workflow instead of helping.

DataPicker® makes Quality Systems digital and produces an ISO-compliant operating environment; all IT tools are available to users (instructions, regulations, modules, multi-level interfaces, ...). The environment is quickly upgradable and flexible, in order to adapt to changes in the market and in regulations. The environment also provides report lists, analytics and alerts that make process (and their phases) performance evaluation easy within the company as a whole.

organizzazione processi
Project aim

The DataPicker® project delivers the continuous Quality Improvement of the company.

This is done with various factors:

  • "Holistic" vision: it connects all people and working tools.
  • Support: every user group has the needed operational and IT support to guarantee a value generating performance.
  • Trasparency: it explicits paths and situations, with an eye to skills and hierarchy.
  • Sharing: all staff in all Business Units is involved in the improvement project.
  • Simplification: it makes tasks basic and practical, enhancing proactivity and professional skills.
  • Help: the perfect execution of tasks is helped by alerts, lists and reminders.
  • Immediacy: it allows for quick changes, also based on bottom-up suggestions.
  • Evidence: it makes process results available in real-time and targeted at the right people.
I can see projects that I'll be working on in two hours, two days...

Massimo Monteleone / Credit Manager, BCC Inzago

Massimo Monteleone
I can see projects that I'll be working on in two hours, two days...

Massimo Monteleone / Credit Manager, BCC Inzago

Smart Process Application

Governance of the entire organization and superior efficiency: DataPicker® builds the Smart Process Application that manages business processes and generates top-level efficiency with minimum costs.

“Smart Process Application” is a Forrester definition and it is an application designed to help Business Processes in a collaborative way.

Smart Process Application
Tailored Holistic system

DataPicker® is a patented technology package that achieves an ambitious project: tailoring a holistic business process management system, perfectly integrated with all other tools: organizational functions, documents, communications, regulations, modules, third-party applications.

DataPicker® was born from the experiences of the PRB Staff in the digital world since 1980, when they solved complex problems for demanding clients like Citibank, Magneti Marelli, Italia di Navigazione, Volkswagen Bank and many others in the following years.

Easy to use

The application generated by DataPicker® is easy to use because it reflects the paper-based traditional office.

The DataPicker® application is the digital translation of paper elements well-known by users, compliant with ISO regulations about "Quality Systems". The folder, with documents and messages inside, moves from one desk to another in the physical world; in the digital environment of DataPicker®, it flows in the process phases one task to the next.

Coherent experience and RPA

Unlike traditional software, the experience is the same in all processes and tasks: training is therefore very short, and covering for a colleague who's feeling under the weather is not a concern. "Robotizations" are also in place, meaning that repetitive tasks are automated and thus easier.

Quickly understandable experience that reflects paper-based approaches, easy and intuitive; it doesn't change with a different process or task to accomplish: training is easy and so is moving a staff member from one function to another.

Quick training

DataPicker® was designed with the user in mind (with a three-level structure for: Directors, Staff and Specialists), to simplify their job with guaranteed fast performance and Solid quality. All supports provide a quick way to solve doubts without wasting time and without consulting colleagues.

In every step of a project the user is helped by short labels with explanations, and by Instructions and Regulations that apply to that specific step: a few pages, the right ones for that task. Modules, also digital, are there to help in the entry of data and documents that go straight to the Database and to specific softwares. Alerts remind users about incoming tasks and how to do them correctly without forgetting anything. Voice recordings from phone calls with negotiated agreements are also stored in digital folders, as well as any other digital file.

Powerful tools are there to send and receive messages and sharing them with other users: everything is done using drag and drop to minimize times and mistakes.





Voice recordings

Even modules are used to make one's job easy: they have instructions for data input, completing the panorama of available help.

Flexibility and automation

The application developed with DataPicker® makes usual elements digital, helping the person with an optimal and flexible path, using robotization (RPA) with repetitive tasks. Tasks can therefore be easy and quick.

Companies are using applications that force users to follow non-flexible schemes and sequences. This was meant to minimize errors, but it is now obvious that a lack of flexibility freezes the work flow and changes to systems are time-consuming, complex and expensive.

The DataPicker® application only forces users in the "mandatory" steps as defined in the analysis, but lets them free to drift from the defined path in all other circumstances. This adds value to one's professionalism without the risk of someone going over their abilities, because everything is tracked and under control.

Linking Silos

The DataPicker® project gives the opportunity to link silos of different applications, that usually lead to difficult auditing and decrease efficiency.

Companies traditionally solved business problems one at a time, without an overall look. Today we know we need a holistic corporate vision and therefore organizational management systems.
Forrester states that desigining an organization requires deep thinking: non-flexible silos are not future ready. Here's an interesting report about this.

DataPicker unisce i silos

The speed offered by DataPicker® in designing tailored environments helps covering all business processes.

In almost all cases, the high cost of management systems limits these to core business processes and their main phases. This generates a gap and over 50% of business processes can't be governed: data are not enough.

Processi supportati e non supportati dalle tecnologie correnti

Changes, usually long and costly in softwares, become as quick as the initial design with DataPicker®: they guarantee the flexibility to keep up with regulations and the market.

Current softwares usually come from times when improvements were costly and limited: the world was moving slowly. Today things have changes: changes must be quick and affordable. DataPicker® is designed to have this performance.

Changes to a complex process are easy and quick!
Alessio Fedi
Changes to a process in a few hours!

Alessio Fedi / Organization Manager, Banca di Pistoia

Stefano Aldrovandi
Changes to a complex process are easy and quick!

Stefano Aldrovandi / Deputy General Manager, Cassa di Risparmio di Cento

Diverse and multi-language support

Support to management is guaranteed by tailored interfaces that are different from those seen by the staff and specialists (like a front-office); they are all offerend in multiple languages.

Users see the application with the interface relevant to their role, and also in their chosen language; Italian, English, French and German are already available. Additional languages can be requested by clients.

DataPicker multilingua
Projects flows

The production of data about projects delivered by the "Analysis Robot" generates automatic alerts, analytics and lists, offering a complete control to management.

The continuous flow of data about users' projects and tasks is collected and simplified in intuitive graphs that show the overall situation. Managers can immediately see if a process is too complex or if a project is stuck, moves backwards, or is high in costs. They can also see costs phase by phase or related to business units. As a consequence, decisions are based on real data and results can be measured.

Flusso di lavorazioni

This graph shows a real use scenario of DataPicker®. In green, projects that move forward in the process; in red, those that move backwards; blue dots are the phases in the process. This image allowed our client to change some parts of the process.

Know-how and methods

DataPicker® is Know-how and innovative and patented methods together, designed and produced in almost 40 years of experience, together with organizational consulting, software, hardware, tech support and continuous improvement: everything is at the top level of efficiency and reliability. A complete "Technology" aimed at achieving the result rather than a "product".

The engineering team of PRB is qualified by Internationally recognized certifications and they have been producing innovation for many years in the organization field, achieving several Patents and Technological firsts. Stating that we “opened digital ages” is reality.

PRB Brevetti e ere
Links and scalability

The software designer with DataPicker comes with powerful APIs to connect to other products and is designed to be scalable and suitable for Consortiums of companies.

DataPicker® comes with API for the perfect integration with existing softwares and third-party applications. It has the ability to have micro-programs inserted in the process phases: small apps that do highly specialized tasks like searches in third-party registry. The Consortium can provide different processes to meet different needs of each company, leaving their independence intact while keeping the group together.


A system this important must be reliable: the on-field experience for big and demanding clients allowed us to design development and monitoring tools that guarantee reliability.

Reliability has always been key to the PRB Technology: without it, Esselunga supermarkets (client since 1986) would have remained with empty shelves, Magneti Marelli would have taken three days more to place orders, Finmare would have ended up without containers and Volkswagen Bank would have delivered fewer cars (these are just a few examples).

Stability is recognized by clients and this is also thanks to the continuous improvement of the method. Our processes are designed with ISO regulations in mind and their are under control with DataPicker®, accurate testing, real-time alerts, and the immediate tracking of incidents that are automatically sent to PRB. A lot of work that has made and keeps making a difference.

No halts in several months, spectacular!
Giancarlo Grossi
Total reliability over the months

Giancarlo Grossi / Organization Manager, BCC Castenaso

Alberto Loda
No halts since day 1

Alberto Loda/ Organization Manager, BCC Agrobresciano

Alex Carnaghi

Alex Carnaghi/ IT Manager, Banque de PSA Finance

Contest about BPM systems

The contest about BPM systems by the EEEEE Association, in partnership with Il Sole 24 Ore and GFK Eurisko saw DataPicker as the most complete system, with over 1,000 features.

The EEEEE Association (Electronic, Excellence, Evolution, Ethic, Efficiency) for development and competitiveness, the first in Europe, organized a contest about BPM systems, Business Process Management, the core structure of all companies.

The research analyzed the available BPM technologies and their features. Results were presented on May 24th 2013 in Rome: the DataPicker® Technology from PRB is the one with the highest number of features.

Success fee agreement

The DataPicker® projects can be implemented with two different agreements:

  • Purchasing the digital processes
  • Success fee agreement

The latter means identifying a measurable objective that PRB states it can achieve at their own cost; clients pay PRB a given percentage of savings obtained thanks to the PRB Technology, for a number of years. The objective is usually the reduction of operational costs, that are greatly reduced with DataPicker®.

Defining success fee agreements

Gianni Spigolatore / Partner and Sales Manager, PRB
ABI Costi e Business 2011

Gianni Spigolatore
Defining success fee agreements

Gianni Spigolatore / Partner and Sales Manager, PRB
ABI Costi e Business 2011